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Micro LED Fairy Light, rice light
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USB Powered fairy lights cool white
USB Fairy Lights
Micro LED fairy lights battery operated cool white
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Waterproof fairy lights usb powered
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20 30 40 Micro LED Silver Wire Christmas USB Fairy Lights Warm White Waterproof
Cool white waterproof micro LED fairy lights

20 30 40 Micro LED Silver Wire Christmas USB Fairy Lights Warm White Waterproof

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  • 20, 30 and 40 Micro LED Lengths available - the LEDs are tiny and only measure approximately 5mm in length
  • Intensely bright - these lights are small but mighty strong, you'll be surprised how much light they emit
  • 10cm light spacing plus a 30cm approx lead wire from the USB plug to the first LED
  • Silver wire - the silver wire looks great against a lot of backgrounds
  • Bendable, shapeable wire - the silver wire is malleable and can hold it's shape this makes it great for use in crafts and decorations
  • Powered from USB plug- you can use these lights in any USB socket - laptop, wall charger, portable power pack or powered USB hub
  • Waterproof and durable - each LED is sealed in a small amount of acrylic this makes them waterproof and shockproof, you can use these lights where others will fail (please note that the lead wire from the USB plug to the first LED isn't waterproof and shouldn't be submerged)
  • Available colours - warm-white which is a great substitute for candle light, or cool-white for a brighter white
  • Postage included! There's no extra postage to pay for 2nd class post and we only make a small surcharge to upgrade to first class post. If you're desperate to get hold of these then we offer a next working day service as well (Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm)
  • All stock is held and dispatched from the UK - we are a family run business with a warehouse in Cheshire.
Our micro LED battery fairy lights are ideal for many decorations. The bright colours of the LED lights easily add enchantment to ornaments or pictures turning daytime decorations in to beautiful night-time attractions. They're so easy to include with a bendable and shapeable wire making it easy to follow any shape and because the wire is thin and light, it's simple to secure them into position.
They stay cool while they're on so you can safely use them in direct contact with paper and material. 
There's a 10cm gap between each LED so there's plenty of space for them to be used in most projects, any excess wire is easily concealed.
Operating from a USB plug makes these lights easy to use anywhere, you can use any wall charger, power bank or powered USB hub and if your powerpack has multiple USB sockets then you can power as many light strings as you have sockets. The LEDs are sealed in a small drop of acrylic and with this they measure approximately 5mm in length. The silver wire is also coated in this material making the lights fully waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

They come in a variety of attractive colours including warm-white for that romantic candle-like glow, cool-white for a brighter white.

Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas. A lot of our customers keep coming back for more because they run small craft businesses and they know that they can rely on our high quality product and excellent customer service and we love to hear from them about what they use our lights for (we like pictures even more).

Some of our customers use these lights to make illuminated glass light blocks (like the one pictured above) using the Silhouette Cameo vinyl printers whilst others use them in bespoke, illuminated name signs.

These lights make great Fairy Jars as well especially in frosted glass jars or frosted glass paint sprayed on. They're guaranteed to attract attention. Even without flowers a vase or bowl with glass beads suddenly becomes an attractive mood light.