Small Wild Garden Bird Nesting Box Novelty VW Campervan Design Robin Finch House

Small Wild Garden Bird Nesting Box Novelty VW Campervan Design Robin Finch House

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Novelty VW Campervan Nesting Box For Wild Birds

Give your feathered friends a real treat with this charming nesting box. It is in the shape of a VW campervan with a rustic, aged finished which makes an attractive garden ornament. Made from polyresin it won't rust or rot and there is a removeable plug in the base to allow for easy cleaning. The nesting box is suitable for small birds e.g. tits, finches, sparrows etc and can easily be hung using its natural jute rope. Approximate dimensions are 13.5cm x 11cm x 21.5cm, no assembly required.

Positioning your bird box

We recommend that you position your nesting box ideally in a slightly shaded location where the birds have a clear flight path to the nest without any obstruction in front of the entrance. For cleaning purposes the RSPB recommend that boiling water is used rather than insecticides or flea powder. Cleaning should be performed in the autumn once the birds have stopped using the nest. If there are any unhatched eggs in the nest these can only be removed between the months of August and January as long as the nest is no longer inhabited.

Feeding Wild Birds

To encourage wild birds to make your garden their home it is best to provide food for them all year round. The spring is breeding season and parenting birds appreciate an easily accessible and reliable food source to provide for their young chicks. In the summer there is an abundance of natural food but it can be dificult for birds to find a source of high energy fat treats (such as mealworms) that they need. In late summer birds start shedding their feathers and growing new ones, again this requires that they have access to fat rich foods to ensure they can keep warm during the moulting process. During the winter food is scarce, this is the season where garden feeding is most needed for wild garden birds.

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